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Termites in Westchester NY

R&K Pest Control provides termite treatment and prevention to Westchester County, New York, Fairfield County, Connecticut and New York City.

Commercial Termite Inspection
R&K Pest Control's specialized termite methods have made us the premier pest control company in the area. R&K Pest Control treats your business by creating a custom Termite Management program. We have serviced businesses in Westchester, New York, Fairfield, Connecticut and New York City, New York. Our goal is leave your business termite free and you with peace of mind.

Termites are the number one pest in Westchester County, New York, Fairfield County, Connecticut, and New York City, New York. We offer a complementary home termite inspection. Based upon our findings we will recommend a customized treatment or prevention plan.We will give you all available options, including the Sentricon Always Active System and traditional barrier treatments.
With the Sentricon Termite Colony Eliminations System, the problem of termites and termite infestation goes away due to proven colony elimination. A new bait called Recruit HD is the most recent advancement to the Sentricon System of termite eradication. Recruit HD contains almost three times the amount of the current bait to eliminate termites from your business.

What do Termites look like?

Commercial Termite Control Westchester, NY
Termites have physical traits that will help you distinguish them from ants or other pests. They lack a pronounced "waist." Termites have straight antennae that look like strings of tiny beads. Their hind ends are rounded. Only the reproductives have functional eyes while workers and soldiers are blind and lack eyes. Subterranean Termites have rectangular-shaped heads, which can help you distinguish this species from other termites. Eastern subterranean termite soldiers also have powerful brown mandibles that protrude from their heads.

How do I know if I have Termites?

There are five signs to look for when looking for Termites:
1. Swarming: Swarms usually happen in the spring, when some of the termites take flight from the colony in an effort to establish a new colony. A homeowner with a termite problem will often find their bodies lying on sashes and below windows where the termites have tried to exit.
2. Shelter tubes: Termites need moisture to live, and they need the protection of tiny spaces. So they build tunnels across exposed areas. To see if these tubes are active, break one off and see if it is rebuilt.
3.Bugs: Simply pull back mulch around suspicious areas of the house or rotting wood near the house and look for termites.
4.Hollowed wood: Probe suspected wood with a knife or flat-blade screwdriver to see if it's been hollowed. Severely damaged wood will sound hollow when tapped.
5. Dirt in wood: Businesses often get confused about what is water damage and what is termite damage, since water and termites are often related. The easiest way to differentiate termite damage from moisture damage is looking for bits of dirt in the wood that termites carry.

How can I prevent Termites from infesting my home?

  • Eliminate excess moisture in and around your home
    • Grade or slope soil away from the foundation.
    • Divert rain water away from the foundation.
    • Maintain clean gutters and down-spouts.
    • Install down-spout extenders and splash blocks.
    • Divert lawn sprinklers and irrigation water away from the foundation.
    • Promptly repair leaking faucets, water pipes, and air conditioning units.
    • Use mulch sparingly (no more than 2 inches depth is recommended).
    • Keep plants and ground covers 3-4 feet away from the house foundation.
  • Eliminate hidden access points
    • Install trellises and trim plants so that they do not contact the house.
    • Do not build flower planters against the house.
    • Install metal flashing when attaching porches or decks (even when using "treated" lumber) to an existing house.
    • Remove mulch that contacts siding or obscures a clear view of the foundation.
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