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Residential Pest Control Services

Termite Control, Protection & Prevention

AAA Yankee Pest Management provides Termite treatment and prevention in Westchester and the metropolitan New York area. Termites are swarming ( large groupings) and doing considerable damage. They come in many different stages of development. There are two different kinds of termites (Subterranean and Drywood Termites). It takes a professional to identify them in comparison to ants. We create customized management programs to rid your home of termites once and for all. Contact us now for your
FREE Termite Inspection!

Mice & Rat Prevention & Treatment

It is always mouse & rat season. No one likes rodents, especially in their homes. Where there is one there are many. Their droppings (feces) are not good to be around. Often you might only see evidence of their presence in the form of droppings. Looking for a rodent exterminator in Westcheste and New York metro area? Call AAA Yankee Pest Management today to eliminate your home or business of rodents for good.

Centipedes, Crickets & Spiders Treatment

Do you have
Centipedes, Crickets or Spiders? It's spring which means they're headed indoors. Have you noticed critters where they shouldn't be? Call us today for immediate relief!

Cockroach Prevention & Treatment
Cockroaches are every New Yorker's worst nightmare. There are many different kinds of Roaches. The German Roach is the most common and small enough to go everywhere. The American Roach is large and if you see one of these you would be impressed. Call AAA Yankee Pest Management to return your peace of mind. AAA Yankee Pest Management will service your home, or building. Our on-staff entomologist will have you cockroach free in no time!

Bed Bug Prevention & Control
Bed Bugs are a rapidly growing issue in the Tri-State area. They share your favorite places such as your bed and your favorite blanket. They are small brownish insects oval in shape. Their bite is often unnoticed until they start to itch. Often sen in groupings where the bed bug drew blood, which is what they live on. Call AAA Yankee Pest Management today to get a good nights sleep once again. We offer bed bug inspections, treatments and protection.

Carpenter & Household Ant Control
Ants in your kitchen at home? All that food. Crumbs that you can't see are meals on wheels for these pests.Of course Carpenter Ants prefer you home as food more than the kitchen. These black large ants are trouble because they will bring their friends. AAA Yankee Pest Management offers safe and effective ant treatments for residential properties. We offer carpenter ant inspection, prevention and protection.

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