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Commercial Pest Control Services

Cockroach Prevention
& Treatment

Cockroaches are every New Yorker's worst nightmare. There are many different kinds of Roaches. The German Roach is the most common and small enough to go everywhere. The American Roach is large and if you see one of these you would be impressed. Call AAA Yankee Pest Management to return your peace of mind. AAA Yankee Pest Management will service your business. Our on-staff entomologist will have you cockroach free in no time!

Mice & Rat Prevention & Treatment

It is always mouse & rat season. No one likes rodents, especially in their business. Their droppings (feces) are not good to be around. Often you might only see evidence of their presence in the form of droppings. Looking for a rodent exterminator in Westchester and surrounding NY area? Call AAA Yankee Pest Management today to eliminate your business of rodents for good.


The Carpenter Ant is and will tunnel through the wood in your business, shed, dog house or even trees. They actually feed on protein and sugar, living and dead insects (aphids that produce honeydew on trees). Just leave a piece of candy in a drawer and eventually they will find it and remove it piece by piece. Unfortunately the ant trail will be created. So you can imagine the damage done by ant tunneling. Ants will tunnel many routes to and from the main nest. Ants are a nuisance. They invade our businesses and our outdoor get togethers. Have Carpenter Ants? Ants can do structural damage to your business, much like termites. Call AAA Yankee Pest Management to eliminate your ant problem today!

Bed Bugs

From motels to hotels, hospitals, and office buildings, bed bugs have become a reality for business establishments. At AAA Yankee Pest Management, we understand how a bed bug infestation can affect a commercial establishment, from loss of revenue and unhappy guests, to disgruntled employees. Bed Bugs are an unwanted visitor that will create headaches in your home or business in Westchester, New York. Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that prefer to feed on human blood and have been around for thousands of years. At a point in the early 1940s bed bugs were mostly eradicated but since 1995, partially due to our interest in travel, have increased in prevalence. Call AAA Yankee Pest Management to rid your business of Bed Bugs.

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