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Bees in Westchester NY

What do Bees look like?

• Bees are Bees. Some are important to our food supply and others ar just plain dangerous. So from the Honey Bee to the African Killer Bee they all have six legs.
Wasps and Bees are commonly found in structures such as soffit, walls, ceilings, attics, etc. as well as in ground nests. It is critical to identify which type of insect you are dealing with as largely controls how difficult it will be to remove them and affects the price of removal. Carpenter Bees are jumbo in comparison to the Bumble Bee.

Yellow Jackets

They measure about 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch. Their bodies (abdomen) are black with yellow stripes. Their legs are yellow or yellowish. If you get close to a yellow jacket you will notice is boy doesn't have small hairs like peach fuzz. honey bees by the yellow coloration of their legs, as honey bee legs are consistently dark brown to black. Yellow Jackes are not friendly and become aggressive when they feel threatened. Honey Bees are dark almost brownish black with each fuzz. Both insect species can be found in nests attached to home soffits, ceilings, walls, branches. If you see a nest or many flying outside your home, watch them and if they are going inside call a professional.

Hornets and Wasps

These two characters are generally aggressive and usually larger than the Yellow Jacket. Of course there are sub species that range in size and aggressiveness.

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