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Ants in Westchester NY

What do Ants look like?

Ants in Westchester, NY
• Carpenter Ants are a large black ant ranging in size from 3/8 of an inch to a full half inch.
• Winged queen ants can be as large as a full inch. These ants do have lookalikes but they are not wood infesting species.

If you don't know what it is then call us and our resident entomologist will identify it for you.

Carpenter Ants

The Carpenter Ant is and will tunnel through the wood in your home, shed, dog house or even trees. They actually feed on protein and sugar, living and dead insects (aphids that produce honeydew on trees). Just leave a piece of candy in a drawer and eventually they will find it and remove it piece by piece. Unfortunately the ant trail will be created. So you can imagine the damage done by ant tunneling. Ants will tunnel many routes to and from the main nest.

Household Ants

Household ants live in moist wood inside and outside of your home and create additional remote nests in all sorts of places like hollow doors and insulation. Household Ants are often mistaken in their winged stage as termites. Their body is different and their waste line is constricted giving them a more hourglass shape. They are often seen outside in a swarm as are termites. Some of these ants build mounds outside, hide in the house behind countertops or in baseboards (moldings) and some even like moist decaying wood. These ants eat starch, meats, fats, sweets and aphid honeydew. Most ants are just a plain nuisance and cause little damage. Generally there is no disease associated with ants although Pharaoh ants can transmit diseases such as staph in hospitals.

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